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McArthur Health Support is committed to delivering the highest quality of health support training possible, allowing you to deliver the highest possible level of care to your clients.

Medication and Competency Assessment

Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention, Continence Care and Competency Assessment

High Intensity Health Support Training

Airway Management 2 hours

Tracheostomy Care 2.5 hours

Level 3 Continence Care 1.5 hours (tailored as required; Intermittent Catheterisation, Digital Rectal Stimulation and Rectal Checks)

Enteral Administration 3 hours (Gastrostomy, Nasogastric, PEG, Jejunostomy, Trans-gastric)

Pressure Injury Prevention 2 hours

Diabetes Management & Support

Invasive Mechanical Ventilation 2 hours (requires Tracheostomy Care session)

Non Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation 1.5 hours (BiPAP, CPAP)

Continence Care Stoma 2 hours

Oxygen Management 1.5 hours

Spinal Injury Care 1.5 hours (Autonomic Dysreflexia)

We will design a training program tailor-made to your client’s requirements and organisational needs.

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Other services

Medication Audit – Medication Policy and Procedure Compliance


Errors and Incidents

Access and Storage

Direct Health Support Assessment Consultation

The consultation is also able to provide recommendations for support, by a determination of the balance of risk for procedures that are traditionally out of scope for the support worker model.

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