Here is some feedback on McArthur Community Care Services from our clients and their family.

   McArthur Community Care provides our Carers. We have used their services for 2 years now and they are awesome. Their Carers are wonderful and polite and caring: never had an issue with them. Respite service is outstanding they look after my Brother without any dramas at all. I definitely recommend them to help you with your carer needs

Alison (QLD)

   My husband Jonathan has early onset Alzheimer’s and as such has a lady come and take him out from 9am to 1pm Monday and Tuesday each week for the past 18 months. This lady has taken him to places he hasn’t seen and also encourages him to get out of his comfort zone a little and try new things. She (the carer) has a beautiful soul and is very patient and kind. I am very happy with this support lady. We also have a young man come once a month on a Saturday to take Jonathan out from 9am to 5pm while I go to work. Again very happy with this support worker.

Cheryl (QLD)

   McArthur Community Care - What a nice change. After a terrible introduction to the NDIS, I finally was introduced to Snez at McArthur Community Care! OMG... What an amazing woman, with so much knowledge! She had me on track, helping me to understand the 'mess' that is the NDIS. My son has now been allocated an awesome Support Worker, whom teaches him travel training, allowing him to access the community and meet up with friends independent of me. Just like any other 19 year old! So far we have only had this service for 3 months, but are looking forward to continuing for many years. Thanks again Snez and the team for helping me get my head around all the issues that I had and also assisting in our plan review. I'm sure you will be an important part of our lives for many years to come!

Rosanne (VIC)

   I’d like to express my gratitude to Snezana from McArthur Community Care for making my NDIS on-boarding experience a great one. I was confused about how to navigate the NDIS process, but Snezana explained everything and was a tremendous help with preparing and planning for my LAC meeting. The LAC had very limited expertise, and didn’t know anything about my needs. Without Snezana’s help, I wouldn’t have known what information to provide to ensure I would get a plan suitable for my needs. I managed to get a fantastic plan the first time unlike so many stories I’ve heard. Thank you Snez!

Jim (VIC)

   From the moment I became a McArthur Community Care client my life has changed immensely due to the individual support the team provided. In the beginning I was a complete mess with no hope for the future at all. Now however, I feel that I am finally on the right track to recovery. It began with Snez Veljanovski who immediately explained my NDIS package so I actually understood. McArthur then supplied me with two support workers Fatima and Christine. Both Fatima and Christine began individualised hands on support that has helped me improve my quality of life. My NDIS plan was reviewed recently and Snez and Fatima were in attendance to guide me through the process. As my support co-ordinator has not supported me Snez advocated on my behalf to ensure another twenty four months funding. Now I have goals and dreams again and look forward to becoming well. All thanks to the McArthur Community Care team!

Teresa (VIC)

   One of my family members has been using McArthur for about 6 months. I think they’re fantastic. They provide personalised, supportive and caring services – from our first initial meetings and discussion of the care plan, right through to the execution of the plan by the support workers. The other thing I really like is that they’re very open, honest and timely with communication. If there are going to be any changes they let us know about it prior and work with us on solutions. They’re so responsive and really listen when I call. Before I engaged McArthur I spoke with a number of other agencies and the level of service at McArthur was well beyond. Their approach is so personalised and they’re really focused on meeting the clients’ needs. One thing we really love is their attention to detail that they give to matching the team of support workers to the clients needs. There has been so much work in the background to find the right team to work with and compliment my family member. What that does for my family’s general well being, mental health is above and beyond. It’s really given her a life, and level of independence, that we didn’t think she would achieve again.

Daughter of a client

   One of my family members uses McArthur to provide in home support. We’ve just started dealing with them, and so far they’re brilliant. First of all, their personal support, customer service and their personality when things get tough is great. They follow-through on all the things they say they will do. Little things like their tone of voice, make me feel so supported through difficult times. Very helpful. We deal with a range of other government and support services, and none of them have half of the level of customer services and follow-through.

Family Member of Client

   I have personal support from McArthur Community Care, I find them excellent, I’m very happy with them! The person who comes in the morning comes with a smile and is always happy and in a good mood. The rest of the girls who come for my care are excellent too all of them. They help clean, help wash, they help cook for me – the food is always beautiful and they’re really willing to learn to cook what I like. If there is ever an emergency or if I need help, they are always there for me.

Verica (SA)

   My son uses McArthur Community Care we’ve found them excellent. Their communication is excellent and their response time is great. They will usually get back to me within the day. They are very approachable and have taken everything I’ve said onboard. The staff are very well trained – they’re a role model to other disability organisations!

Kya (SA)

   I travel occasionally for work, and for my latest trip to Adelaide, I decided to arrange local support for my mobility needs. On the recommendation of disabled friends in Adelaide, I chose McArthur Community Care, and I was not disappointed.

Andrea Sherratt met me at the airport, collected my suitcase from the carousel, loaded it and my fold-up scooter into the car, and ensured I was comfortably settled in my hotel room. She was equally helpful when I departed.

During my stay, I was assigned a support worker who was respectful, knowledgeable, and attentive to my needs. The extensive experience of McArthur Community Care was evident in how they listened and always respected my autonomy and dignity. I will not hesitate to use their services again.

Gaele (NSW)

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